What loan for a car?

22 Mar

  For many of us, the car is the main way to move to work, shop or friends. Without him, we would spend a lot of time in buses and freeze at bus stops. Therefore, today most families have at least one car. Without it, we feel like without a … Read More »

How to Sell Debt?

11 Mar

In a situation where attempts to enforce the debtor’s debt are ineffective, the creditor may take advantage of the possibility of selling the debt to the company involved in the purchase of liabilities. It gives you the opportunity to regain the creditor’s financial liquidity. The sale of receivables is now … Read More »

Loan with a car letter

6 Mar

There are different car loans. The car dealers offer loans to finance the car. Likewise, there is also a loan from independent banks. In both cases, it may happen that banks only grant a loan with a car letter deposit. That depends on the terms and conditions of each bank. Car loan – what … Read More »